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Swan MCS7000 Series IP Network Visual Public Address System
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Public Broadcasting
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MCS7000 series IP visual public broadcasting system is a set of audio and video fusion system of TCP/IP technology that integrates visual intercom, one-key alarm, public broadcasting and video surveillance.

The whole system includes MCS7000 server, MCS7010 control host, MCS7020 series intercom terminal, MCS7030 collector, MCS704X series decoder, MCS705X series IP speaker/sound column, MCS706X series IP network audio terminal, MCS707X series IP power amplifier.

Optimized on the basis of the traditional broadcasting system, the MCS7000 system uses the Internet to transmit digital audio and video signals, breaking through the limitation of short transmission distance in the past and achieving the effect of full coverage of IP broadcasting. It truly realizes information management and presents more efficient and high-quality broadcasting effects.


II. Features

The MCS7000 system is precisely designed by Swans engineers according to specific needs. It adopts new IP technology to provide scalable solutions, brings more advanced functions, realizes multi-functional integration, and opens a new era of audio-visual integration.

     Audio-visual combination

The MCS7000 system adopts TCP/IP network technology and integrates audio, video, and business interaction design modules to ensure fast and stable signal transmission speed. After long-distance transmission of sound and images, it can still ensure clear sound quality and beautiful pictures.


The MCS7000 system covers all the functions of the traditional broadcasting system, provides a user-friendly graphic menu interface, intelligently designed timing settings, automatic broadcast broadcasting, and can be maintained and managed remotely, which is easy and convenient. In addition to daily sound reinforcement, the system also meets the needs of wireless sound reinforcement, mobile phone/U disk on-demand, call intercom, etc., which greatly improves work efficiency.

      Security escort

When using the fire or broadcast function, the system will automatically cut off the background music and switch the fire emergency broadcast state. The alarm mode is divided into zone alarm, whole-area alarm, broadcast and fire-fighting linkage alarm to ensure personnel safety.

     Personal terminal

Each network broadcast adapter has an independent IP address, which can control a terminal to play different programs at will, obtain audio resources on the network anytime and anywhere, and enjoy intelligent and personalized programs.

     Simple installation

We only need to connect the terminal to the computer network to form a powerful digital broadcasting system. Without complicated wiring, we can realize the multi-network integration of computer network, digital video surveillance and public broadcasting.

      Clear sound

The MCS7000 system is a two-way audio sound reinforcement system with pure digital transmission, which solves the problems of poor sound quality, limited transmission distance and lack of interaction in traditional broadcasting systems.

The audio transmission distance is infinitely extended, while ensuring that the sound quality reaches CD-level stereo, no longer troubled by the ambiguous sound, and the sound is clear and smooth, as if you are on the scene.


(MCS7000 series IP network visual public broadcasting system topology diagram)

III. Application scenarios

MCS7000 IP network visual public broadcasting system is convenient for networking and simple in structure. It only needs to connect the device to the local area network or wide area network to form a powerful digital communication system, so as to truly realize audio broadcasting, emergency help, video surveillance, security alarm, Multi-network integration of computer network and office phone.

MCS7000 system is widely used in education, safe city, Xueliang engineering, prison, finance, transportation, government affairs, smart community and other industries. According to the use scene, the relevant equipment is reasonably matched, and the system can effectively formulate solutions for broadcasting in public areas such as campuses, banks, hotels, parks, hospitals, stations, and large commercial complexes.

IV. Campus IP Broadcast Solution

To build a safe and smart campus, the MCS7000 system is planned to be the main control room, remote clients, and various areas through TCP/IP, and terminals are deployed in different areas for partition management. The system not only satisfies the use of school bell playing, multimedia teaching, and school programs, but also satisfies the school's campus broadcast, multimedia teaching, and after-school programs to enrich students' extracurricular activities.

 (MCS7000 Series Campus Broadcasting Solutions)

      Main control room

The campus broadcast main control room is equipped with MCS7000 server, MCS7010 IP video intercom host, audio source equipment, wireless broadcast microphone, remote control module and peripheral control equipment, responsible for the operation management of the entire system, audio data exchange and processing platform and software data backup. The entire campus broadcast is centrally controlled.

Teaching Building (Classroom/Lab/Conference Room)

Set up MCS7060 series IP network audio terminals in the core area of the school, set up independent broadcast points, each classroom is an independent partition, remote control operation realizes network courseware playback, fast positioning, repetition, variable speed and other voice rooms.

Each classroom is equipped with MCS7050 IP network speakers, which not only satisfies the daily teaching work in classrooms without interfering with each other, but also ensures the normal listening of school broadcasts.


Sports fields and squares are the main places for student activities. The system can meet the broadcasting needs of morning exercises and activities, and supports outdoor wireless operation and long-distance wireless broadcasting. A reasonable number of MCS705X waterproof sound columns are matched outdoors, and then matched with MCS7072B IP network power amplifier, the sound pressure is stable and uniform, the sound field covers the entire area, the human voice announcement is clearly conveyed, and the music sound quality is round, bright and clear.

Install MCS7020 series visual alarm intercom terminals in various areas of the campus. When encountering abnormal situations, such as physical education students injured or physical discomfort in the classroom, use the intercom terminal to press the button for help, call the infirmary and other places, and rescue personnel can Quickly understand the situation and get to the scene to resolve crisis events.

1. Campus safety and help: one-click help, teaching building safety, dormitory building safety, canteen safety, school gate safety;

2. Leadership tours and auxiliary teaching management: remote and arbitrary access to classroom audio and video monitoring and monitoring, without affecting teaching;

3. Campus broadcasting: whole district broadcasting, district broadcasting, regular broadcasting, fire broadcasting, emergency broadcasting;

4. Listening and multimedia teaching: CD, tuner, deck and other external control audio sources can be programmed to achieve single-channel manual or automatic playback output; meet the requirements of listening test and multimedia teaching;

5. Streamline video conference: manage the host to join the video conference, which is convenient, flexible and quick to discuss;

6. Offline ringing: the system can download the normal running timing program to the audio decoder of each partition, when the system server or network is abnormal, the terminal can run the timing program normally;

7. Security inspection: In the sub-control center (police office), you can also inspect the scene through the video intercom terminals in each area, and you can quickly deal with dangerous events when you see them;

8. Dormitory management: make noise and call the police, supervise the discipline of the dormitory.

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