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In 2020, Swan's second professional anechoic chamber was set up in Zhuhai. The cut-off frequency of the anechoic chamber is 50Hz and the free field net volume is 464 cubic meters.

In 2019, Swan MX1 floor-standing intelligent wireless active speaker system, Swans 2.2A super flagship speaker system and high-fidelity flagship noise-cancelling headset AW-85 won three innovation awards in the US CES Innovation Awards.

In 2018, Swan wireless smart speaker Phonism1 won the innovation award of CES Innovation Awards in the United States

In 2017, Swan was listed on China's A shares, and the stock "Swan Technology SZ.002888" was issued.

In 2017, Swan MS-10 and MC-100+ both won the United States CES Innovation Awards.

In 2016, Swan monitor speaker X8 won the CES Innovation Awards in the United States

2014, Swan flagship speakers F10HT honored CES Innovations Awards.


In 2013, Swan speakers T200C honored CES Innovation Awards.


In 2013, Swan flagship speakers 2.8A honored CES Innovations Awards.


In 2011, a new Swan production base located in Zhuhai, covering an area of more than 150,000 square meters, officially commenced its operations.


In 2011, Swan professional active monitor speaker X4 won the CES Innovation Awards of the United States.

In 2010, Swan flagship speakers 2.6HT honored CES Innovations Awards.


In 2009, Swan flagship speakers 2.3B and M200MKIII honored CES Innovation Awards.

In 2008, Swan entered the professional audio field, and its products involved stage sound reinforcement, karaoke, dance halls and theaters.


In 2007, Swan introduced professional active crossover technology to multimedia speakers and upgraded the sound quality of multimedia speakers to professional level.


In 2006, Swan introduced its X3HT speaker systems,the first HX Chinese brand certified by THX of the US.


In 2005, Swan honored again "Best of CES" award,the only two-times honoree for this award.


In 2005, Swan S600HT home theater speaker won the Best of CES Ultimate Audio award, becoming the first international audio company to win the award twice.

In 2005, Swan S200A multimedia speakers won the American CES Technology is a Girl's Best Friend Award(Tech Girl) Most Women's Favorite Award".


In 2004, Swan completed building up a large professional anechoic chamber, the first one in Asia.


In 2004, Swan Swans 2.2 honored "Excellence in Design&Engineering Award" at T.H.E. Show in U.S.

In 2003, Swan won two awards at the T.H.E. SHOW exhibition in the United States: Excellence In Design & Engineering Award and The Most Innovative Speaker Design Award.

In 2003, Swan's flagship Swans 2.2 linear ribbon speaker system won the Best of CES 2003 High-End Audio award.

In 2002, Swan speakers honored wo awards at the T.H.E. Show of the US, Best Value and Excellence in Design.In 2001, world-class manufacturers leading the audio trend adopted Swan advanced speaker units.

In 2000, Swan speakers production bases both passed the ISO9002 international quality system certification.


In 2000, Swan Diva series speakers honored Exceptional Value Award at the T.H.E. Show of the U.S.

In 2000, Swan and isodynamic band tweeters became the core unit of many flagship speakers of German audio brands.


In 1999, Swan 75mm high-power D6 unit became a special speaker for the famous American Totem Audio Company.


In 1998, Swan original isodynamic  tweeter showed its ability in the CES Consumer Electronics Show in the United States.

In 1998, Swan released M1,a professional monitor speakers, and was highly acclaimed for its ribbon tweeters by world audio industry.

In 1997, Swan acuired the famous American Swan Audio Company and President Frank Hale became Swan's chief designer.


In 1997, Swan flagship speakers officially landed in CES, becoming one of the few large-scale speaker system manufacturers in the world.


In 1997,Swan announced isodynamic ribbon tweeters, establishing its leading role in world electro-acoustics industry.


In 1995, Swan became a member of American Loudspeaker Manufacturer's Association.


In 1995, Swan launched its high peformance driver units for CES the first time to the renowned Consumer Electronics Show wwww.CESwob.org in Las Vegas,USA.


In 1994, Swan set up an electro-acoustic R&D center in north HLLG America.


In 1993, Swan presented D6, a 6" midwoofer with a large 75mm voice coil.Its new concept of neodymium mangetic system swept over the audio industry.


In 1991, Swan presented high performance 8" woofer S8, showing its ability of manufacturing Hi-end driver units.

In 1990, Swan company was founded, started to manufacture Hi-Fi and Hi-End speaker drivers.