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Swan PH series professional sound reinforcement full frequency speaker PH-150/PH-350/PH-550/PH-1502
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Public Broadcasting Commercial & background system
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Feature of product

To meet the demanding needs of professional sound system sound reinforcement in multi-purpose public places, it can easily provide high-quality, wide-range, enhanced high-quality sound output for various environments and places, while ensuring sound quality. It also increases the output sound pressure, which greatly reduces the user's cost when used in the same environment.

The PH series cabinet design is different from the traditional professional speakers. The difference is that the cabinet volume is reduced to a smaller size without sacrificing and affecting the sound quality. This design makes it easy to control coverage, including difficult bass frequencies, variable sound coverage angles, and a variety of venues for different acoustic requirements. Its combined overall design enables the combined unit (array combination) to achieve a better variable sound coverage angle, so that it can easily obtain an ideal listening effect within this coverage angle range. In addition, the PH series speakers have a variety of installation methods, including column installation, hoisting, and hanging.

Scope of application

1 Use of various indoor sound reinforcement, voice, etc.
2 Widely used in indoor sound reinforcement of large and medium-sized gymnasiums, auditoriums, multi-functional conference rooms, hotels, airports, stations, schools, factories, etc.

Technical parameter

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