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Swan TD series ceiling speakers TD201/TD202/TD205/TD206
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Public Broadcasting Broadcast speaker series Broadcast speaker
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After a long period of continuous exploration and research, Swans has carefully designed high-quality HiFi audio systems for various small and medium-sized commercial places and leisure clubs. A new in-ceiling, wall-mounted speaker system for quick and easy installation on any ceiling, or repainted to suit upholstery requirements for easy concealment.

HiVi HiFi commercial music system is to transplant the essence of HiFi audio owned by HiVi into the HiVi commercial music system without reservation. Whether it is a professional speaker amplifier control system or on-site installation, HiVi considers the functional requirements of the venue and starts from the sound effect. , to solve the actual problems and needs of users, Swans will make unremitting efforts to create more and better commercial HiFi music system products for customers, and let us enjoy the sound charm brought by Swans modern audio technology.
With the rapid development of the national economy, squares, schools, conference systems, chain hotels, and supermarket chains have been operating in various places. And the requirements for public broadcasting are increasing day by day, not only to have background sound, but also to have better effects.

Swans launched the Control Contractor engineering (construction) series of loudspeakers, and kept improving and continuously adding new models to meet the needs of the broad market. This series of products has been widely adopted by many major projects, key projects, enterprises and individuals for countless times and has been unanimously affirmed.
Swans HS, TD, TW series engineering loudspeaker systems can be mixed and matched with any type of various loudspeakers to maintain smooth sound covering the entire range of the room. Using Swans products can easily design a sound reinforcement system for restaurants, shops, hotel clubs, houses of worship or commercial systems in larger spaces.

Feature of product

1. New professional design ceiling speaker system
2. Full-band unit speaker, full-band coverage
3. Special damping treatment to reduce distortion, flat and broad frequency response
4. High sensitivity, superior directivity, clear and beautiful sound quality

Product Size

Product parameters

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