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Swan SD1.1-A Dome Tweeter
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Speaker Driver Dome tweeter
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SD1.1-A is Swans’s widely acclaimed SD1.1 new model. It is one of the series units of HiVi Home Theater. Using German natural fiber spherical diaphragm original vibration components, carefully designed by HiVi engineers in the United States, on the basis of maintaining HiVi’s original SD1.1 energy suppression technology in the resonant frequency range, it greatly increases the power tolerance of the tweeter and extends the high frequency bandwidth of the unit. Increase the linear sound pressure output range of the unit, which greatly improves the distortion of the unit. When the sound pressure output is as high as 96dB at high power input, the total harmonic distortion is less than 1% above 2.5kHz. Using finite element simulation of high-strength die-cast aluminum panel, the appearance is extremely beautiful, anti-magnetic symmetrical and low-distortion magnetic circuit design, the sound quality is clean and round, maintaining the original charm of the D series.

  This tweeter is especially suitable for three-way systems.

  Recommended crossover point>2kHz with 12dB~24dB/oct frequency divider.

Design: Swans Speaker systems ,Inc.(USA)

Designer: Frank Hale

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