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Swan DMB-A Mid-range Speaker
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Speaker Driver Dome alto
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A new generation and improved version of DMB-A-DMB!

DMB-A-new low-distortion phase-guided resonance structure mid-range loudspeaker adopts natural fiber woven special damping coating 50mm dome mid-range diaphragm, the sound is natural and accurate. The high-power aluminum frame voice coil is matched with copper-clad aluminum winding to increase the power output. The phase-guided resonance structure reduces the Q value of the resonance peak of the unit, reduces distortion, and extends the low-frequency response range.

HiVi's unique dual-magnetic steel fully symmetrical magnetic circuit system, low-distortion phase guiding resonant structure, high sensitivity, and further reduce distortion. The low-distortion phase-guided resonant structure has a vent hole behind the midrange speaker diaphragm, and at the exit of the hole is a large volume and strong sound-absorbing non-resonant closed back cavity. The vibration system includes the diaphragm, voice coil, and a small amount of air volume behind the diaphragm. The vent hole and the closed cover form an inverted phase acoustic resonance system. The air volume inside the vent hole determines the tuning frequency of the vent hole near the midpoint of the impedance curve. Reduce the amplitude of the midrange speaker in this frequency band to improve distortion. Energy below the tuning frequency is absorbed by the cavity, so the sound pressure output can be smoothly attenuated in the low frequency range, and it is equivalent to an acoustic high-pass filter close to 24db/oct .

Since the main distortion of the midrange speaker occurs in the resonant frequency range, through this low-distortion phase-guided resonance structure, the distortion of this frequency band can be suppressed, so that the speaker will be in a low-distortion working state at the entire operating frequency. In addition, even if the input is not cleanly filtered in the low-frequency range, the speaker cannot produce these sounds due to the acoustic filtering of the low-distortion phase-guided resonant structure.

DMB-A is suitable for midrange unit of advanced reference monitoring system.

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