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Swan RT2C-A Isodynamic Ribbon Tweeter
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Speaker Driver Ribbon tweeter
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At the Hi-end 2000 premium audio equipment exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, HiVi’s world’s first ribbon speaker RT2C-A became the core of the German Hi-end industry’s super giant Burmester’s Super Loudspeaker System Reference-line Lodspeaker B99 Unit!

Why do we call RT2C-A a "Isodyamic " tweeter? This is because, unlike the traditional electric drive tweeter, the RT2C-A driving force is evenly distributed on the entire vibration plane.

The core of RT2C-A is a high-precision vibration chip, which is composed of ultra-thin high-strength Kapton film material and high-temperature aluminum circuit conductive film. The conductive film area accounts for more than 90% of the entire vibration chip area, and the vibration chip is precisely installed in two rows of neodymium. Among the iron boron magnets/high magnetic energy magnets, and to obtain a uniform driving force, there is an acoustic phase guide tube in front of the RT2C-A to control the sound radiation characteristics and control the frequency response.

RT2C-A has a considerable vibration area, can withstand a fairly high input power and has a very wide response frequency band. The precision vibration chip and the metal front panel are closely integrated to form a highly efficient heat dissipation structure. It can effectively reduce the operating temperature of the vibration chip.

The vibration quality of RT2C-A is almost negligible compared with the traditional dome mid-treble.It provides extremely fast transient front and back edge characteristics, and the transient response far exceeds that of traditional speakers.

RT2C-A has pure resistance impedance characteristics in the operating frequency band, that is to say, RT2C-A has no impedance resonance peak. This ideal impedance characteristic makes RT2C-A an ideal load for any driving power amplifier, and greatly reduces the design of the frequency divider. Complexity. Unlike ordinary dome speakers, RT2 provides linear phase response and synchronization time delay characteristics to improve the accuracy of audio and video positioning of replayed music.

RT2C-A has very good controllable pointing characteristics. Considering all these excellent features of RT2C-A, the answer is very clear, why many discerning audiophiles choose ribbon speaker systems, this is because the music they hear in traditional speakers is not so clear, natural, and lacks details.

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