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Swan S8.8N Mid-bass
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Speaker Driver N Series
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Poly Propylene mica carbonized polypropylene high-strength diaphragm, with high compliance and high bubble folding ring, high damping dust cap. The frequency response is wide, the transient response is good, and the tone is mellow and delicate. No eddy current loss Kapton voice coil skeleton and high temperature resistant SV line voice coil, new finite element simulation and optimized antimagnetic magnetic circuit, strong driving force and high power. The ultra-long stroke linear displacement design provides a reliable guarantee for low frequency and low distortion. Finite element precision computer simulation design integrated narrow-side high-density iron basin frame-to prevent parasitic structural resonance.

     This unit is suitable for the low-mid frequency unit in the home Hi-Fi two-way phase inverted bookshelf speaker system, and is more suitable for the low frequency unit in the two-unit phase inverted floor-standing speaker system.

The Small/Thiele parameters of this unit are optimized and designed by the Electroacoustic Research Center of HiVi Group's U.S. Headquarters!

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