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Swan D5.8B Mid-bass
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Speaker Driver D Series
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HiVi D5.8B that breaks through the traditional electroacoustic design concept.
     European and American countries have always been in a leading position in speaker development. Ten years ago, HiVi engineers hoped to find a breakthrough so that the Chinese could also design a new generation of speakers with good indicators and performance. At that time, our starting point was to design a small-caliber loudspeaker that uses a small cabinet but can produce a very magnificent mid-low frequency sound field. Its sound should be neutral and very noble. It should also be a modern artwork. Now this D series loudspeaker has basically reached our original vision. The D series loudspeaker adopts a series of the latest design concepts in the world.
     Small/Thiele parameter optimization design technology leading the world's peers/Denmark PMK double-layer mica high-strength integrated diaphragm/German-made fatigue-resistant and high-loss natural rubber folding ring/British-made high permeability, high-stability centering piece/Hvi patent Dual magnetic circuit fully coupled high-power composite anti-magnetic magnetic circuit system and high-performance NdFeB magnet/high-power 76mm high temperature resistant copper-clad aluminum wire voice coil with no eddy current loss Kapton voice coil skeleton/finite element precision computer simulation design integrated high-density Aluminum frame / Hivi's unique ultra-long stroke linear displacement fully symmetrical low distortion drive magnetic field design.

Voice characteristics:

A magnificent low-mid-frequency sound field beyond size, one of the noble Hi-end sound masterpieces!

This unit is suitable for top audio systems, top home theater systems and small size ultra-low speaker units.

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