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Swan C6.5 Mid-bass Speaker
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Speaker Driver C Series
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Design Features:

  Leading Small/Thiele parameter optimization design technology-convenient cabinet design!

  German imported paper and fiber mixed material diaphragm, surface marbled treatment-natural and accurate sound / German fatigue-resistant and high-loss natural rubber folding ring-strong absorption of excess vibration energy / high permeability, high stability and linear centering support-improve compliance Air compression characteristics/single-magnet high-performance large magnetic circuit system-powerful linear drive source/HiVi’s symmetrical magnetic field (SMD) drive technology-high sound pressure distortion output/finite element precision computer simulation design integrated high-density aluminum basin frame -Eliminate harmful resonance / high-power, high-temperature, no eddy current loss AL voice coil skeleton-guarantee of high-quality bass.

Voice characteristics:

  Naturally accurate, highly analytical, full of vitality and dynamic!

  It is suitable for the low frequency unit in the Hi-Fi two-way phase inverted speaker system and the midrange unit in the three-way system.

惠威 C6.5 技术参数
参数名称 符号 数值 单位
额定阻抗 Z 8 Ω
谐振频率 Fs 53 Hz
额定功率 Pnom 60 W
最大功率 Pmax 120 W
灵敢度(283V/1m) E 88 dB
重量 W 2.18 kg
音圈直径 25 mm
直流电阻 Re 6.5 Ω
音圈卷宽 H 14 mm
音圈线材 耐高温SV线
音圈骨架 AL
磁路型式 单磁式大磁路
磁体材料 高性能铁氧磁
力系数(BL值) BL 9.09 N/A
磁隙高度 He 6.0 mm
最大线性位移 Xmax 4.9 mm
Smal/ Thiele参数
顺性 Cms 500.35 uM/N
机械Q值 Qms 2.12 -
电Q值 Qes 0.47 -
总Q值 Qts 0.38 -
振动质量 Mms 17.5 g
等效容积 Vas 13.3 L
箱体类型 倒相式
推荐箱体净客积 Vb 15.1 L
倒相箱调谐频率 Fb 50 Hz
箱体在自由场-3dB频率 F3 47 Hz
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