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Swan CX-265 Car Speaker System
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Car Audio Car audio CX series
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Exquisite craftsmanship  

 Beauty acoustic art

CX-265 Two-way Crossover Car Speaker System

CX-265 mid-woofer CX6W


HiVi Swans CX-265 two-way speaker system is one of the newly developed new series of speaker system products. Its appearance is calm and smooth  and it has exquisite and pleasant design aesthetics. It has elegant appearance and craftsmanship with the ultimate ingenuity. The beautiful sound quality makes you fall in love at first sight . The mid-woofer unit uses German imported 6.5'' paper and fiber mixed material diaphragm, refined through complex scientific technology, and the surface of the diaphragm is marbled, plus the German high-damping and high-elastic folding ring to make it vibrate.  The membrane has excellent damping and excellent rigidity. In addition, ultra-high performance neodymium iron boron magnets and cast aluminum frame are used to make the unit have higher sensitivity, while effectively reducing the weight of the unit and reducing resonance.

CX-265 tweeter BT28E


The CX-265 tweeter adopts a specially coated soft dome silk  film to make the sound more delicate, soft and transparent when restoring high frequencies. The magnetic circuit adopts high-energy neodymium iron boron magnets and high-quality magnetic fluid, thereby obtaining greater credit tolerance, ensuring that the voice coil has a linear working range and good heat dissipation, effectively further reducing the harmonic distortion of the tweeter, and making the sound quality more pure. When installing the tweeter, you can adjust the axis direction through the tweeter base to obtain better sound effects.

CX-265 divider


The CX-265 divider shell is made of transparent acrylic, with a strong structure and an exquisite appearance. The circuit adopts a precise frequency division design. The circuit board uses a high-end glass fiber version. The high-pass circuit is equipped with a polypropylene capacitor and non-inductive resistance with small distortion. There is perfect performance with three different treble frequency attenuation designs, which can meet the different needs of high frequency by flipping the switch.


CX-265 integrates high-grade materials, leading manufacturing technology and outstanding performance, which makes the sound uniquely delicate and beauty sound. 


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