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Swan Q3 Hi-end tweeter speaker
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Using 28mm German soft dome sound diaphragm, with special damping layer treatment, the frequency response is wide and straight, and the sound performance is more transparent and clear. High-performance ferrite dual magnetic circuit design, linear uniform magnetic field, and harmonic distortion can be effectively reduced. For lower distortion and better prevention of dynamic compression, the design of the resonant cavity is improved, and the high-impedance sound-absorbing material is used. Professional liquid magnetic cooling technology, high temperature-resistant aluminum alloy frame and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coil, with high power bearing capacity. Adhering to Swans' consistent Hi-end concept, the sound is more natural and round, the transient, texture and analytical performance are more layered, and the details are rich without unpleasant characteristics.

Swan Q3 Hi-end technical parameters
Parameter name Symbol Value Unit
Basic application parameters
Rated impedance Z 6 Ω
Resonant frequency Fs 600 Hz
Rated power Pnom 15 W
Maximum power Pmax 230 W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) E 90 dB
Weight W 0.64 kg
Voice coil
Voice coil diameter 28 mm
DC resistance Re 5.1 Ω
Voice coil width H 13 mm
Voice coil wire High temperature resistant copper clad aluminum wire
Voice coil frame High temperature resistant Aluminum
Magnetic circuit
Magnetic circuit type Double magnetic circuit
Magnet material
High performance ferrite
Recommended crossover point >2000Hz
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