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Order status

Order Status

In the process of shopping on Swan’s official direct sales network, your order will have seven statuses: Pending Payment, Pending Shipment, Shipment, Shipped, Completed, Cancelled, and Refund/Returned, which are explained as follows:

1. Pending payment:

For the goods you choose to buy, your order will show "Pending Payment" before the official direct sales website of Swan has not received your payment, and the goods can be shipped after the payment arrives.

2. To be shipped:

The reviewer is about to start the review, and the review will be completed on the same day (working hours) at the latest, and we will deal with it as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

3. In delivery:

We have received your payment (except for cash on delivery), and have passed the review of the sales staff. The goods has been stocked, checked, packaged, and is being arranged for delivery. We will send it out as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

4. Shipped:

The goods have been delivered, have been out of the warehouse, and are being sent to the destination, please wait patiently.

5. Completed:

The order has been completed, the goods have reached the destination, and the customer has signed for it.

6. Cancellation:

If your order is still "Pending Payment", you can void your order in "My Swan"-"My Order".

1) Your call request to void the order;

2) Due to your duplicate order, unknown address, etc., Swan employees will void your order;

3) The original order will be voided due to reasons such as order splitting, order merging, order modification, etc.

4) If you choose the online payment method to purchase goods, but the payment is not completed within the specified transaction time limit, the system will automatically void your order.

7. Refund/return:

1) After the order is completed, due to the quality of the goods or the user's own factors and other reasons, after the two parties have negotiated, they have reached an agreement to refund or exchange the goods.

2) When the order is not completed, the user has paid, and is in the pending delivery state, the order will be canceled and refunded due to the user's own factors.

The overdue rules are as follows:

Online payment order: reserved for 3 days (including weekends) (that is, if the payment is not completed within 3 days from the time the order is generated, the system will automatically void the order)