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After-sale warranty

1. Product quality standards:

Strictly implement national product quality standards.

2. Quality assurance measures:

1. Assurance of the quality system:

Hivi focuses on sound quality. We regard product quality as a major event related to the survival of the company. During the production process, we strictly follow the relevant requirements of the country and the industry. A quality system has been established in accordance with the standards. Quality management documents such as <<Quality Manual>>, <<Procedure Documents>>, and <<Operation Instructions>> have been compiled, so that the whole production process has “laws” to be followed, and the product quality To the guarantee effect.

2. Process technology guarantee:

According to product standards and process documents, relevant control measures have been formulated for key processes. Such as: leak detection, packaging and other processes are fully inspected.

3. Assurance of inspection technology:

It has a fully equipped production workshop, anechoic room, and sound-checking room. Have first-class technicians, sound engineers and inspectors to ensure that the products leave the factory perfectly.

Three, after-sales guarantee

Strictly implement the national three-guarantee policy, and the goods can be returned without reason within seven days if the goods are in good condition (the buyer shall bear the freight for the returned goods)!

Note: Follow the official WeChat account of "HiVi Group", and you can enjoy half-year extended warranty service for products registered online.