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SWAN HX series professional speakers
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Pro Audio Professional speaker HX series Professional Speaker System
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Product Description
HX series loudspeaker system is made of high-quality sandwich panels and coated with high-strength wear-resistant coatings, so that the system can be effectively protected during handling or installation. The patented "X" shaped molded steel mesh can effectively protect the unit and suppress harmful vibrations under high system power. This system is specially designed for slow shake bar places, and can also be used in entertainment places such as large Hi rooms, KTV private rooms, etc., and can also be used for various performances. All frequency boxes are equipped with trapezoidal angles, support bases and M8 hanging points, which are convenient for engineering installation and adapt to various uses. Each speaker is tested in a standard anechoic chamber to ensure its quality.
Product Parameters
Model HX10 HX12 HX15 HX15S HX18S HX218S
System configuration 10'' 2-way system 12'' 2-way system 15'' 2-way system 15'' subwoofer 18‘’ subwoofer 2×18‘’ subwoofer
Rated power 200W/8Ω 300W/8Ω 400W/8Ω 400W/8Ω 500W/8Ω 1100W/4Ω
Sensitivity 95dB 97dB 99dB 93dB 98dB 102dB
Max SPL 124dB 128dB 131dB 125dB 130dB 138dB
Frequency range 60Hz-20KHz 55Hz-20KHz 50Hz-20KHz 45Hz-250Hz 45Hz-200Hz 35Hz-800Hz
Coverage angle 90°x50° 80°x50° 80°x50°
Woofer 1x10"(65mm voice coil) 1x12"(75mm voice coil) 1x15"(75mm voice coil) 1x15"(75mm voice coil) 1x18”(100mm voice coil) 2x18”(100mm voice coil)
Tweeter 1×34mm compression driver 1×44mm compression driver 1×75mm compression driver
Size(WxHxD) 350x500x315 395x572x358 470x692x442 456x586x605 560x595x690 1068x780x570
N.W.(±10%) 17Kg 24Kg 31Kg 45Kg 40Kg 92Kg
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