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SWAN H-900 Wireless Microphone
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Pro Audio Microphone equipment
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·Products Features

1. Industry-leading circuit design and production to ensure product reliability and stability;
2. PLL dual-channel phase-locked loop loop design, frequency offset can be automatically corrected;
3. Unique intelligent ID recognition technology, more effective against interference;
4. Digital and analog mixed transmission, without the disadvantage of audio transmission delay;
5. Microprocessor control, effectively avoid receiving dead ends;
6. Built-in 200 channels, frequency distribution can be easily set;
7. Simple infrared frequency matching design, frequency adjustment is easy to achieve;
8. LCD liquid crystal display, the working status of the equipment is clear at a glance;
9. With balanced and unbalanced audio output, it is convenient to connect various audio equipment;
10. The receiver displays the parameters of the transmitter, which is convenient for monitoring the working status of the microphone;
11. Reasonable design of transmitter and microphone structure, beautiful, sturdy and durable;
12. Using true diversity circuit, dual-channel 4-antenna 4 high-amp design, the reliability in complex environment is also better.


System Operating temperature -10 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius
audio frequency response 50Hz-16KHz (circuit part)
System SNR >98dB (A-weighted, maximum output)
System Total Harmonic Distortion <0.8% 1KHz (at 300mV output)
Receiving method Super-Intradyne Secondary Mixing Mode
Diversity reception True diversity reception (dual channels, 4 antennas, 4 high amplifiers)
Sensitivity -95dBm (20dB SINAD)
Harmonic Distortion 0.8% 1KHz(300mV output)
Display method LCD
Power supply 12V 500-1000mA(depending on the model)
Audio output method Balanced XLR/channel mix outputs
Channel 2 way
Dynamic Range >90dB
Nominal frequency offset 25KHz
Harmonic distortion -45dBc
Output Power 30mW
Display method LCD
Current consumption <150mA/3V
Power supply AA1.5Vx2
Usage time About 6 hours (related to battery quality)
Transduction method Capacitive, moving coil, depending on the model
Pickup pattern Cardioid, supercardioid, depending on the model
Sensitivity -55dB±3dB(0dB=1V/Par@ 1KHz)

Maximum sound pressure level
>110dB SPL

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